What is this all about?

I am a young farmer. Kind of like the ones you hear about on npr. But maybe not a hippie/hipster kind of young farmer. I work on an organic produce farm outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. While I have only recently jumped into this farming endeavor, I have found so much meaning and value from working the land. When I try to describe it to friends and family words often avail me.

So this isn’t so much a blog to make such an attempt, but rather just my observations of farm life, farm culture, farm publications, and just all things farming. Agriculture plays a vital role in human survival really. Without food, humanity cannot survive; plain and simple. But what does it look like to grow and provide food to your community? Well that’s where I started from. I was inspired by stories of my grandfather’s childhood and his father’s childhood of growing up in an agrarian society – it just made sense. I asked myself this one important question “why not be a part of providing food to a local community?” I have yet been able to answer that question so I will continue on.

In Italian atrezzi mean implements. On a farm there are many implements used to prepare the fields in which one will grow. There are tillers and ploughs, hoes and spades. I think that in a way agriculture, and farming specifically, can be a implement that is used to connect people, just as the tools are used to connect with the land.