Chocolate Desserts

by atrezzi

Chocolate Desserts:

I had this chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s one day, a sea salt and caramel dark chocolate bar to be precise. I’ve never been the kind of gal to crave chocolate or even eat chocolate plain in bar form. Sure, I like cakes and ice creams and the like, but I’ve rarely thought to myself, I just need a good piece of chocolate right about now….until now. After I had this chocolate bar I kind of got on a kick. And then I wanted to make some brownies from scratch. And then I started getting a little creative with them. And then I made a lot more of them with the intentions to share, but, well… it’s the thought that counts…right? So ladies and gentlemen I give to you Sea Salt Brownies: they’re so good you’ll want to share them with your friends but eat the entire pan instead.