Life is beautiful.

by atrezzi

Spring has been springing up since the beginning of March around these parts. Many of the trees have already bloomed and put on their leaves that will stay until November at least. I’ve already been harvesting radishes and salad greens from my garden. I love spring. There are the old cliches of “it’s a new beginning” and “fresh starts”. For the past couple of years I have come to absolutely adore Spring. It is perhaps the greatest reward for having to endure cold winters.

*Fun fact: Raleigh is the city of Oaks.

I’ve been in my garden lately with one task at hand that I thought wouldn’t be nearly as painful as it actually is. Thinning carrots. When I planted the seeds back in late February I told myself that I wouldn’t have any trouble when it came time to thin. If you have any growing experience you may know about this thing called “thinning”, if not, let me enlighten you. Carrot seeds are some little guys so it’s pretty darn tricky to plant just one or two seeds in one space. So it’s easier to just kind of go about “sprinkling” the seeds throughout the row. While it’s convenient at seeding time, it’s not such a conducive growing environment. Having too many plants (mainly root vegetables) growing all clustered together makes them compete for space, nutrients and water. This is probably the biggest problem people have when growing carrots. Although, if I’m honest I’ve never grown carrots successfully. So anyways, the point of thinning is to pull out the little seedlings so that the others are spaced properly. While this seems easy in theory, actually doing it is a whole other story. It seems so contradictory that in order to grow a carrot, I have to sacrifice the other carrot plants. I mean I’m just trying to grow some carrots here! Why can’t they just all get along and grow together?!

*Carrots are on the left, Leeks are on the right and please excuse the little crab grass coming up in the middle.

Well the good news is that I made it through the first step. There may be another thinning party when the roots start to get a little bit bigger.

A few weeks back we had quite the unusual weekend where it rained for 3 days. Although I haven’t lived here long, even I know this is unusual. But it was so dreamy and pretty with all of the trees in bloom and it washed the pollen out of the air so I gladly welcomed the rain.

Happy happy Spring! Cheers!