When Did We Begin To Romanticize Agriculture?

by atrezzi

Sometimes I have a hard time differentiating between what could have easily been an unawareness to certain things and what is actually trending right now. Agriculture definitely falls into this realm. I am so much more aware of what is happening in area of Agriculture then I was just a year ago. I am constantly seeking out information whether it be stories of farmers, various growing methods, markets, etc.

So maybe we began to romance the idea of agriculture when life became more complicated and regardless of society’s love of technology, I think there is something so innate in humans to get back to the land. It’s where real life is happening. Somewhere along the way though this idea became a dreamy picture of beautiful fields full of vegetables that are always ripe and not a weed to be seen. The weather is always perfect and there is always a breeze flowing through your hair. There are never deer that eat your crops and never pests that seem to be relentless no matter what you do. The animals always cooperate and equipment never breaks down. These ideas of what farming are have become so idyllic I feel, that when young people jump into such endeavors they are so disappointed because it’s hard. Not hard in a way that is opposite from all of the things I just described, but hard in the sense that things just don’t always go the way you plan them to go. At planting time I have the highest hopes for every crop. It’s a new beginning, a new seed that has its whole life ahead of it. Despite previous success and failures, I always believe that this crop will be different. And it’s true, the weather will be different then the last time, the nutrients might be at different levels then last time, you may have more or less time to devote to weeding. It is all so very different.

I have yet been able to pinpoint when this phenomenon began, maybe it has always been. But the beauty of agriculture is that it is beautiful. Not in the sense that every moment is a beautiful moment, but in finding those moments when a breeze does blow through your hair and it couldn’t come at a better time because it is literally 108 degrees and you’ve been picking tomatoes thinking the entire time that all you need to keep going is just one cool breeze…

This was taken at dusk on the farm, which has become my absolute favorite time of day.