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by atrezzi

Being an older sister to 3 girls and 2 boys (and the younger to 1 sister and 2 brothers), I’ve often found myself quick to give advice on a broad spectrum of topics. Many of us are though, quick to give advice that is. However, recently I’ve received some great advice that I’ve taken to heart and remind myself of when I least want to be reminded of it.

So in regards to life advice in general, the best advice I’ve ever heard came from my grandad. It’s simple really. He told my brother and I once that the best way to prepare for your future whether it be retirement, finances, etc., is to make sacrifices when you’re young. This is perhaps the exact opposite of what we are normally told. Young people aren’t supposed to make sacrifices, we are supposed to have everything we want and everything now. And what’s more is that we have been given all the wrong tools to get it. We can just get a credit card and rack up debt in order to get what we want now. So I’ve been trying to think about this when I’m tempted to make choices that are only going to give me an instant gratification and not really benefit me or those around me in the long run. Make sacrifices when I’m young.

I listen to the radio a lot. On my way to the farm, on my way home to farm, driving to places other then the farm. When I go to bed at night, when I’m working, when I’m cooking…you get the idea. Well I just so happened to be driving home from somewhere and was caught up in another story. I couldn’t tell you for the life of me what program it was on, who was being interviewed or how to find a recording of it. But I can tell you that I heard the second best piece of advice from this story. In regards to dating and marriage, you should marry someone with a face you want to look at the rest of your life.

And finally, in regards to raising chickens that roam free during the day, they make it mighty tricky to find their eggs. Everyday is an egg hunt! But they are worth the search as they are quite tasty when you cook them up.