by atrezzi

RAFI is the Rural Advancement Foundation International, which does a lot of work here in North Carolina with all types of farmers. I heard their organization on an interview about a month back when they were advocating for farmers who benefit from the Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund. Thousands and thousands of acres in North Carolina used to be farmed for tobacco, but as the tobacco industry has declined, so has the need for growers. Of course this left a lot of land to still be farmed and a lot of farmers still wanting to farm. So if eligible, these farmers can receive grants for various projects to transition out of tobacco farming and into other ventures. RAFI has put together these short documentaries on how these farmers are actually using this money to support and further their farming practices. I think I watched just about all of them and it’s inspiring to see what others are out there doing and also how much farmers are benefiting from this fund. On one level it is probably helping their income to diversify their farms and try new ventures, and not only that, but in most cases they are preserving the land at the same time. So check it out some of these stories: http://www.rafiusa.org/NCfarmervoices/watch/

*If you happen to notice, all of the interviews and photos were done over the winter which is not a coincidence by any means. The bees aren’t the only ones who are busy around this time of year!