Tunnel Vision: The South is for lovers:

by atrezzi

Tunnel Vision:

I was just shy of 16 sitting in driver’s ed class. The classes were long but you had to pay attention because at the end of every class was a quiz and if you missed more then 5 questions, you had to take that class over again and no one wants to repeat driver’s ed. In one of these classes I remember learning about tunnel vision. You know, where you’re just staring at the road and while you’re paying attention to the actual road, you’re not really aware of what’s around you. Or what’s coming up next. You’re just kind of going along and then all of the sudden you snap out of it and you’re aware of the car next to you and the sun setting to your left and that you’re probably speeding. Whoops.

I was thinking about this one day while I was working. I was thinking about how I can get so caught up in my task at hand that I become totally unaware of what’s happening around me. I’ll look back on what I was just working on and wonder how I could have missed so much of what was going on. I feel like society is always telling me that I need to just live in the moment and not get caught up in the past and the future so much so that I lose track of what’s happening around me. That’s all well and good I guess, but I think I’m settling on the side that you can get too caught up the moment. And with that I’m going to move on so I don’t get too caught up in this moment.

The South is for Lovers:

Since flying south, I’ve made a mental list of southern things that I love:

*I regularly see men wearing bow-ties, especially on Sunday

*Down here, you don’t refer to people as people. Their folks.

*Folks don’t complain about the weather. Unless their farmers in which case their excused.

*There is no shortage of Bluegrass music.

*There is no shortage of history and nearly everywhere you turn, that history has been embraced.

The only way this is related to the south is that it was taken here. And I love it. Oh! And it’s Okra! That’s totally southern!