So this is the New Year:

by atrezzi

Well ladies and gentlemen, we’ve made it. 2011. It’s time for the obligatory year end/new year post. I was trying to decide which theme I should go with, the “year in review” theme or there’s the “my resolutions for the new year are xyz…” or the ever classic theme of  “I can’t believe how time goes by so quickly”. I wonder how many bloggers out there are posting about the new year and how many of their posts center around these subjects…hmmm….that would be an interesting search.

While I was thinking about this, my mind wandered into the realm of how we always seem to get so reflective at the end of the year. We take all of the memories we’ve made and pack them into boxes, tape them shut,  write “2010” on the outside of the box with a sharpie, and then put it away in the closet with the rest of the years. Then we think about all of the things that we didn’t do and try to make it a point to do them within the next year. And following that thought we then try to think back over 365 days worth of mistakes and try not repeat the same mistakes. I don’t have some sort of grand point to make in all of this other then the fact that it’s just plain weird. I saw a lot of people post facebook statuses along the lines of “2011 will be my year” and I ask,  your year to do what? And if 2011 is “your year”, do you only get one year that’s yours or can you have more? I guess I’m sarcastically pointing out that this statement makes no sense when you really think about. A year is a year. A reference to time. Time is time and it is merely a way at measuring your life.

So, I’ve decided to go with the reflective theme for this post. I thought about where I am mentally at this point in time and how I felt about the past 365 days of my life and how I feel about the upcoming 365 days of my life and I summed it up in pretty much one word: content. It wasn’t always good, and it wasn’t always bad. I’m not exactly where I want to be, but I’m not so sure I’ll ever really know when I’ll get there. So there you have it.

I was digging around through some files of photos I’ve shot over the past months and I came across some I thought I’d like to share….I know, shame on me for not having some sort of collage with photos from 2010 and all that happened and a year in statuses and my most used word of 2010…

But what I did do is find some fun memories of visiting my friend in Grand Rapids, MI and wandering around an apple farm, stumbling upon a beehive, and watching people on the horse drawn hayrides give us  weird looks as they passed by.

Happy 2011!!!