Family History: Ocracoke, Is.:

by atrezzi

Family History::

Recently I went to Ocracoke Island, NC. I’ve always known that my family on my dad’s side had some sort of story with Ocracoke but I had never really gotten the full story before. Any genealogy I had read about mainly centered around the family that lived on the mainland. I’ve also always known that our Williams came from England (or possibly Wales). But what I never knew is that one of my ancestors had come over on a ship from England and settled on Ocracoke Island. A couple of generations later and the Williams owned a portion of the 13 mile Island. Fast forward to present Williams generation and here we were back on Ocracoke listening to a local Historian about how the Island came to be and the families that owned it.

Along with that little gem of family history, I was also able to visit the house where my grandfather was born and raised and is still standing and in great condition. My imagination was running wild with all of the possible scenarios that took place at that house and before I know it I’ve slipped into trying to imagine a completely different time and how they must have lived their lives every day. You know how people always say “someday my grandkids will see such and such”? Well that’s exactly how I felt standing there trying to imagine the lives of people I had never met but I was that great-grandchild and that someday was today.

I love family history.

Ocracoke Is.::

Well mostly shot film which hasn’t been developed yet, but I do have a handful of stuff I shot and other stuff on my facebook so you can check that out there if we’re friends. (Sorry I hate it when bloggers do that, but seriously just shoot me a friend request…sorry did I just say I was a blogger?? Pretty sure I post way too inconsistently to categorize myself like that, but whatever.)