Books: Graduation:

by atrezzi


In case you have patiently been wondering where I have been lately, I have proof that I haven’t merely been neglecting this blog to just sit back and enjoy the beginning of summer that is upon us. I give you my two portfolio books!


Red Thread

These were fun and frustrating and so rewarding and worth the effort. Well at least my first book WonderBread is. I just got it in the mail today and so far I love it! You can buy these book if you feel so inclined, but the links take you to the preview and you can preview the entire book.


In other news, I think I’ve mentioned a couple hundred times that I’m graduating this quarter. Yay! My current status is 3 papers, 1 final exam, 1 creative resume, and 1 portfolio presentation away from being done with what has been by far my most challenging quarter yet. So glad it’s the last.