Film: Olympics: Contest: Chloe Sevigny

by atrezzi


A couple weeks ago I dropped off a roll of film at Cord Camera. I didn’t know this, but they no longer develop film in their stores. Apparently they ship it out to a lab so it takes about 2 weeks for it to be processed and returned. It’s understandable that they wouldn’t process it in stores because more then likely people aren’t dropping off rolls of film anymore. I’m sure that it didn’t make sense for them to keep all of the equipment on hand to do all of the processing because of course a majority of their business is digital now. I get it. I really do. But…but…how could they not process film??? Film is still apart of photography even if it isn’t used by a majority of photographers and they’re supposed to be a lab. They should process film. By the way it has now become more expensive to process a roll of film then it is to make digital prints. This is what we have come to.

If you know me in real life and we have ever talked about photography, you probably know of my love for film. If we’re not friends in real life or we’ve never discussed photography, you now know of my love for film.

Maybe I will start up a society for equal rights for all photographic processes. Whether it’s film or digital, they should be treated equal! Well that’s probably going slightly too far but just because Cord Camera doesn’t process film in their stores will not keep me away from my format of choice. I guess I will just have to sneak into the campus photo lab…

End rant. Anyways, I did get a roll developed and I found some gems that I shot last…uh…umm…summer…yeah. It was that bad. I mean I have photographs of fireworks. We are talking 4th of July here. Aside from this, it was so cool to see what I had shot, like finding a time capsule that you buried last year and you just remembered it and decided that you couldn’t wait 4 more years to open it.

Well this is what I found:

My plan is to post all of them throughout the next couple of months. So check back!


I love the olympics. Usually from the opening ceremonies to the closing ceremonies I am glued to every single event. Even curling, hockey, and ski jumping. But I have a problem this year in that I don’t have a tv. This has made watching them, well, clearly impossible. It’s probably for the best right? I mean I don’t exactly have hours to spend watching every event. Sorry winter olympics. I’ll try better next time.


A quick update on the contest I mentioned in my last post is only that there really is no update. I was supposed to be notified last week and I have been checking the mail so often you would think I was waiting for my tax return or something. I mean seriously, like multiple times a day and the mail isn’t even delivered multiple times a day. It’s pathetic. But I’m sure as soon as I know what the results are I will not be able to hold back and will have to post them.  So stayed tuned.

Chloe Sevigny:

This morning I was told that I looked like her. I’m pretty sure that’s a first. And here I felt so special that I didn’t have a doppelganger. Way to burst my bubble starbucks barista.

Have a splendid week and weeks to come because lets be honest, I probably won’t update for a little while.