Confessions of an amateur photographer

by atrezzi

I have a confession to make…

It all began today as I was listening to this podcast where David DuChemin was being interviewed. I recently picked up, and by picking up I mean I received it as a Christmas gift, his new book Vision Mongers: making a life and living in photography. While I have barely cracked open the book I happen to stumble across this podcast today and thought if I’m going to read his book I should listen to this interview. You know, just to make sure this guy knows what he’s talking about. Somewhere in the interview I hear him drop the name of Chase Jarvis whose blog I recently picked up from somewhere else. Anyways my true confession is that when this happened I got so excited that here was this guy name dropping another photographer who I actually knew about! Which leads to my true true confession, I secretly feel victorious when one photographer talks about another photographer that I actually know about. I know this sounds really silly and dumb but as with any profession, pros are constantly referencing their peers or up and coming people in their industry all the time. I feel like this happens so much in photography and I so often become lost in the references. Of course any photographer should know about  greats like Ansel Adams and Henri Cariter-Bresson and Dorthea Lange and Richard Avedon, but I often find myself wondering who the Ansel’s and Henri’s and Dorthea’s and Richard’s are of today’s photography world. Maybe it’s Steve McCurry who shot the ever so famous portrait of the Afghan girl that ran on the cover of National Geographic. Maybe it’s Annie Leibovitz. Maybe it’s Art Wolfe. With so many photographers out there it’s hard to keep up. Hmmm…

On another note, Happy New Year! I had this grand plan to start blogging on New Year’s day and then everyday there after to make this blog a little more up to date. But then the 2nd past, and the 3rd, and the 4th, and I had nothing. So I decided to revise my plan a little bit. Since I don’t have any photography classes this quarter I definitely need to keep shooting. So everyday I will take a photograph, which I started on Jan 1st at 12:00:05. It just so happens that these are film photographs so I will then develop them and post them everyday in the month of February. Not only does that give me time to get my act together about this blogging thing, but it also makes this a two month project instead of just the original one month. So those are my justifications for not starting the project on time…I mean…uh…that’s my brilliant new year’s plan!

I’m really hoping that tomorrow I can build one of these guys:

Except hopefully it will be out of snow.