Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree!

by atrezzi

Tonight seemed like the type of night to bake some Christmas cookies. We cut down our tree yesterday. My sister and I were wandering the field to find a tree as I serenaded us with my lovely voice to O Christmas Tree. My sisters love it when I sing. So anyways we are decorating the tree and figured that some baking would be the best thing to accompany this activity. We decided to make Peanut Blossoms.

We used to make these every Christmas season and it was one of the highlight cookies because it was one of the few cookies we made with chocolate. Well that and it was the coveted job to put the kisses on. So growing up I always thought that was a “mom original” recipe and I thought it was genius. I mean peanut butter cookies, hershey kisses, what’s not to like!

It wasn’t until recently that I found out that a lot of people make them. In fact they are pretty common. In fact a bakery in Columbus one-uped this recipe and makes a peanut butter cookie with a reese’s cup in the center instead of a kiss. So good. It was not a pleasant realization to come to and only up until now have I realized that perhaps I was a little more sheltered as a child than I thought.

Well on to more pleasant things. Although winter in Ohio can quite often be very unpleasant, sometimes one finds themselves driving home from work with a beautiful sunset in their rearview mirror. And sometimes one also finds that they just happen to have their camera with them. Score!