Oh The Places We Go

by atrezzi

My apologies for such a long absence!

The beginning of November/end of October has been so busy and crazy. I went out of town, then moved, and continued classes and continued working almost full-tim and have somehow managed to find an earlier bed time then I have ever had in my life. Needless to say it has been quite a month so far!

I will hopefully have multiple posts to come as I have done a few different projects recently for friends and also some projects for a portraiture class I am taking this quarter. Yes that’s right, portraiture. It is definitely a new aspect of photography for me as I tend to stray away from portraiture and go for ‘stills’ or landscapes, but so far this class has been great.

Well as I mentioned I went out of town at the end of October. A group of close friends go every year to West Virginia to spend a weekend relaxing in the mountains and enjoying each others company and  do some hiking/exploring. This time around the weather was a little different in that we had some rain and way cooler temperatures than years past. One of the places we went was Table Rock, which we went to last year but on a gorgeous sunny day. This time around it was pretty rainy and cloudy and foggy. Once we reached the opening, as you have to hike through about a mile of woods before reaching the rocks, the fog was literally rolling in over the mountains. It was an amazing sight to see and even though you couldn’t see the expansive valley because of the fog, the colors of the trees were so bright you could still see them through it.

We also stopped at the Blackwater Falls. This was another second for me but I thought it would be really cool to see with the fog still lingering in the middle of the day and with all of the rain we had the night before it was definitely a new sight to see.

Both of these photographs have been entered into the Photographers Forum annual contest so time will tell if anything happens. I will definitely keep you posted. There are a lot more photos from this trip on my facebook so you can see them there and if we aren’t friends, let’s be friends and you can totally see them!