A Kitty Celebration & A Backfield Shoot

by atrezzi

One of my dear friends Katie (known to us at Kitty) turned 25 at the beginning of August. We had quite the celebration for her in the park area in front of their house. It was a lovely time and made for some great photographs.

Earlier in the summer I decided to throw on my boots and head out the our backfield and take some photos. The evening light is so beautiful. The grass turns gold and a calm breeze blows through the field often. It is so peaceful. One of my favorite places to walk to and take a nice deep breath.

From both of these events I took a couple of photos and applied a technique to them called “through the viewfinder”. I started doing it on couple and found myself wanting to do it to all of my photos. It gets pretty addicting. Here are the ones I did and I imagine there will be plenty more where these came from.