True Story

by atrezzi

  Once upon a time there was a blond hair little girl that made friends with the mail lady. Everyday around 12, this little girl would start wandering down the street looking for the mail lady. Once found, the girl would then follow her around on her route. Going up and down the sidewalks while the mail lady double checked that the right bundle of mail was going to the right house. If she was lucky, sometimes the little girl got to shove the mail through the slot.

   At the end of the route, which ended at the end of the street, sometimes the mail lady would give the girl a lollipop. She was so nice. Because of her kindness and generosity, for a long time the little girl wanted to be a mail lady when she grew up and I mean how much fun would it be to organize mail and then deliver it? (I think I just let some of my OC Disorder shine through) Some days people are waiting on you to hand them that special letter they’ve been waiting for. Or the excitement of a child waiting for their package that contains their birthday present. Who doesn’t like to receive mail? 

However that little girl did not grow up to be a mail lady, but rather a photographer.

Perhaps it’s the rain. Perhaps it’s the business of life I can feel myself being thrown into. Either way I was just feeling a bit nostalgic this morning.

Yet again I don’t have any brand spanking new photos to share but lucky for you I have a whole arsenal of past work to share.


Too bad I lost that ring…


This turned out to be one of the funnest photo shoots of my life. If this is what happens when rain “ruins” a session, then I need this to happen more often.

I am anticipating a semi-challenging quarter. The hardest part is figuring out my schedule when everything gets started. Hopefully things will work out.

I promise this is my last post of older work (for now anyways). A trip is coming up next week that is bound to bring some eye candy to this blog.