Happy happy joy joy!

by atrezzi

Spring is finally…springing?  That means colors galore!  The grass turns green, the flowers bloom, and I am convinced the sky has turned a different shade of blue, that or it has been gray for so long that it is tricking my eyes.

Whenever I get in my car in the morning the volume and radio station remind me of how I was feeling the night before. The other morning as I started up my car the classical station came on. This means that  night before I was either a) slightly stressed and looking to wind down or b) enjoying the beautiful weather and looking for something un-obnoxious to accompany my drive home. I think it was both…

Anyways, whatever piece was playing totally made my morning.

I’ve been finding my over to the classical station quite often these days.

So last  week was finals and quite frankly I am sick of people talking about how it’s finals week and also sick of hearing myself talk about finals week. Fortunately it has all finally come to an end. For now anyways.

So sorry I don’t have any interesting photos to share. Soon though internet world. Soon.

I will leave a little quote that I read today from “Yours Jack”:

“Indeed the best thing about happiness itself is that it liberates you from thinking about happiness.”

So simple and so true.