Franklin Art Glass Studio

by atrezzi

For my Design class, one of our final projects was documentary style photography. This has become one of favorite styles of photography but I often find it challenging to shoot. 

With the help of a friend I was able to wander around the studio of Franklin Art Glass Studio. They were all so so nice as I wandered around. Having taken a lighting class this quarter I am even more aware of when good lighting comes my way and let me tell you, the light pouring in through these windows was amazing. As weird as it sounds I could have just soaked it up all afternoon. I love love love natural light and I have a feeling that if I had more time I could have easily spent hours upon hours in there shooting. 

Well I should probably just let the photographs speak for themselves…












So yes overall I really enjoyed this assignment. 

Well final projects mean that the quarter is over and since the quarter is over that means spring break. Woo!! I don’t really have any plans other then to relax. This quarter has been slightly overwhelming. There are, however, plans in the making to do some fun photo shoots so I should have something coming your way.