Missing You (and you, and you, and you…)

by atrezzi

Dearest February,

You are cool and all but I’ve had enough of you. Good thing you are the shortest month of the year. If you could please end soon, I would really appreciate that. Plus your name is awkward to spell.


Well blog world readers out there, not too much new stuff to report. Just thought I would post some stuff that I’ve been working on lately. Most of my photos are centered around my classes this quarter so there really isn’t a particular theme going on here.

The first is a tribute to my brother Kirk. In fact I think this might have already been posted but I don’t care. I’m posting it again. Simply becuase I miss him. Life just isn’t the same with out him around. shot-4-faded

One of my “things” that I occasionally pick up now and then is writing down quotes. It could be from someone I know, someone I don’t know, a song, a book. Whatever. This was for a class but kind of inspired by picking this up again. And also to inspire myself to write more.


And finally we have a night shot- also for a class assignment. Apparently taking photos at night in the park calls for police. Because they definitely stopped me. This would be the second time. Never anything serious, but still, good times.