It’s that time of year!

by atrezzi

No not Christmas. That time has already passed along with the rest of the holidays. Winter has been here and there is that feeling going around that we may never get out of it. So while the weather is pretty sucky right now, there is one thing it is good for. What might that be you ask? Well I’ll tell, photography of course. Silly silly. Yes the winter sky makes for quite a lovely photograph:


or photographs:


While winter isn’t exactly the optimal time to eat ice cream, I can’t help but share some pictures of my favorite ice cream-ery ever. Seriously it is so good.



I kind of feel like a frozen confectione during the winter months. Haha.



Last week we got a nice snow storm which closed roads, stopped traffic, and cancelled classes…well except for mine. Thank you Columbus State. Not to worry though becuase I decided I didn’t want to risk my life for photojournalism so instead I took some night shots:


And finally I give to you blog world my favorite time of day, the evening. While winter has been fun so far, I long for the endless days of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere. Oh I’m so happy when we’re together.