This is only the beginning…

by atrezzi

…at least I hope it is. For those of you just checking this out, my goal for this blog is to use it as a tool to give you the stories behind the photographs. I may touch on other things every now and then, but it will mainly be a photo blog. So enjoy! I have a few posts in mind to come but we will see how it goes after that.


**My brother Kirk has been working all summer to complete his demo and it is finally done! I think he might have some tracks up on his myspace but I’m not sure so I won’t put the link until I am 100% on that. So to complete this endeavor we went out one evening to take some possible album cover shots. Even if non of them are used I think these might be some of my favorite shots so far.

So leave me some feedback on them. I am always open for critques so don’t hold back.
















































These were some of my favorites, but check out my flickr for more!